Tree & Shrub Program - Green Earth Lawn Services - Richmond, VA

Tree & Shrub Program Features

6 Scheduled Visits:
We provide timely applications to create and maintain beautiful results.

  • Application 1: February - March
    Spring Tree & Shrub Fertilization
  • Application 2:February - March
    Dormant Horticultural Oil Application
  • Application 3: April - May
    Ornamental Pest Management I
  • Application 4: June - July
    Ornamental Pest Management II
  • Application 5: August - September
    Ornamental Pest Management III
  • Application 6: October - November
    Dormant Horticultural Oil Application

Professional/Certified Technicians:
Each technician is tested and licensed by the state to ensure that proper and safe applications are applied to your landscape. Our technicians review your landscape condition during each visit and may recommend changes in cultural and maintenance practices to achieve the best landscape possible.

Free Service Calls:
For your questions or problems that occur between regular visits.

Cancel your service at any time by calling or by email.