Lawn Care Services

We know how much your lawn and landscape adds to your property's beauty. The outdoor spaces around your home or business provide a natural surrounding that compliments your property. Let our professional and experienced team take the worry out of proper care.

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    Annual Lawn Care Programs

    After reviewing your soil test results, we are able to develop a custom nutrient and treatment plan. A registered technician will make six timely applications throughout the year that are designed to make your lawn healthier, greener, and weed free.

  • Core Aeration - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA

    Core Aeration

    Core aeration increases air, water and nutrient movement in the soil. It opens up the thatch and helps reduce soil compaction which promotes healthy roots. This service is recommended at least once a year.

  • Overseeding Application - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA


    Application of grass seed is most effective after core aeration has been completed. Seed should be applied in the fall, during the months of September or October.

  • Lime Application - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA

    Lime Application

    We use lime to help balance the pH level of our soil. This allows for optimum nutrient uptake. Liming is not part of our annual program because it is not needed on every lawn. Lime recommendations and scheduling are based on your soil test results.

  • Soil Test Evaluation Analysis - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA

    Soil Evaluation and Analysis

    Your soil's pH level is the primary key to nutrient usage and fertilizer management. Soil testing provides current nutrient levels as well as some other important characteristics that will improve long term performance. We will evaluate any deficiencies and provide a custom designed fertilization solution.

  • Insect Control - Green Earth Lawn Care - Richmond, VA

    Insect Control

    Insects and pests can damage your lawn and be a nuisance for you and your pets. We safely and effectively control these for you.

  • Disease Control - Green Earth Lawn Care - Richmond, VA

    Disease Control

    Our technicians are trained to quickly and effectively identify harmful lawn diseases and consult you with the appropriate treatment plan. Brown patch fungus is a common problem during the hot, humid months in Richmond.

  • Fertilization Service - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA


    We use both liquid and granular applications of fertilizer throughout the year. Our soil testing helps up identify deficiencies. With this knowledge, we can design a fertilizer program specific and unique to your lawn’s needs.

  • Pre-emergent - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA

    Pre-emergent Control

    Crabgrass is the primary reason for pre-emergence control in the spring. It is the most effective method of control. In addition, it has control benefits for other grassy and broadleaf weeds.

  • Weed Control - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA

    Weed Control

    If you have weeds, we have the experience and resources to tackle them, whether they are in your driveway, mulch bed, fence line, or in your yard.

  • Service Call - Green Earth Lawn Service - Richmond, VA

    Service Call

    We will gladly schedule free visits for questions and problems or for price quotes on other services.